About Africa Renewables

Established in 2010, Africa Renewables (Afriren) is a company which has a mission to connect Africa to the green energy economy.

By working with local partner across the region, we aim to establish high quality, reliable and long-term sources of biomass supply from existing agro-industrial plantations. Afriren aspires to be the parter of choice for pellet producers, biomass energy traders, MDF (medium density fibreboard) industrials and European energy companies interested in co-firing or investing in biomass electricity generation.


Milk of rubber tree flows into a  bowl

Our Projects

AfriRen works with European industries that are looking for a stable, long-term and sustainable supply of biomass (wood chips or pellets). These industries include power generators, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) industrials, pellet producers and energy traders.

In Africa, we work with local partners to extract biomass from existing operations, like rubber tree or palm oil plantations, and to add value either by generating local electricity or by exporting the surplus biomass to North West Europe.


What we do in Europe?

In Europe, AfriRen works with end-users of biomass such as power generators, MDF (medium-density fibreboard) industrials, pellet producers and energy traders. We provide long-term reliable biomass supply contracts to our clients in the form of wood chips or wood pellets.

The diversity of end-users will continue to expand as European governments and private companies involved in the fight against climate change realise the potential of biomass as a solution.


What we do in Africa

AfriRen collaborates with African counterparties that have access to large biomass inventories. These might be large agroindustrial plantations or smaller outgrowers organised under farm associations, cultivating rubber or palm oil trees. In both cases, the objective is to release the value embedded in the underutilised biomass, either by developing local power generation projects or exporting the biomass in the form of wood chips or pellets to international markets.

Our Projects

Africa Renewables Ltd. (AfriRen) is engaged in physical operations across West Africa.

In the various countries where Africa Renewables Group is established, we source local biomass (PKS and Woodchips) with our own logistics chain, for resale to local and international end users



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