The analysts predict that by 2020 the consumption of biofuel in the EU will increase by 234 GW. The main consumers and producers of biofuel in Europe are France, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden.

France plans to ramp up the production of biofuel by 6 times. Britain intends to increase the energy production from wood by 15%. Sweden and Italy are likely to attract additional importing of raw materials to ensure the proper amount of energy for people and businesses. Currently, the EU produces about 7 million tons of pellets per year. Other 3 million tons are imported. By 2020 19 million tons of pellets will be needed to meet the needs of the European countries.

The experts single out three main segments of the use of biofuels:

1) Household furnaces (Germany, Italy)

2) Industry

3) Power stations (Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands)

The countries of the European Union consider the question of the rational processing of raw materials for biofuels and the search for a stable supplier of raw materials. The annual consumption of wood pellets ranges from 20 to 50 million tons in Europe.