16 Dec 2011

(SeeNews Renewables) – Dec 15, 2011 – European Union (EU) members could miss their renewable energy targets if the supply of biomass to the energy sector does not improve substantially, according to Rabobank. In its Renewables report for the fourth quarter of 2011, published this week, the bank says that the countries rely on new […]

14 Dec 2011

(13 December 2011 – Insidermedia.com) – Renewable energy company Eco2 has sold its 38MW straw-powered biomass plant in Sleaford for £170m. The plant was bought by specialist investor BNP Paribas Clean Energy Fund. Eco2 obtained planning permission for the project in 2008. Following the sale, Eco2 will manage its construction and subsequent operation. “Biomass is […]

07 Dec 2011

(Published 7 November 2011 – ezinemark.com) In Europe and other developed countries, the annual use of biomass power generation of about 50 million kilowatts installed capacity, is the second largest renewable energy projects. And the international community has reached broad consensus: Biofuels are the only choice for alternatives to oil, has been diverted to the […]

05 Dec 2011

(Published 5 December – Wood Resources International LLC) – The expansion of pulp production in China continues and the lack of domestic wood fiber sources has resulted in record imports of woodchips in 2011, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Chinese pulp mills increasingly have to rely on imported wood chips for their wood fiber needs. […]

01 Dec 2011

(Published 1 December 2011 – European Environment Agency) – Offshore wind energy capacity in Europe is projected to increase 17-fold between 2010 and 2020, while newer renewable technologies such as concentrated solar power and wave/tidal power will also increase more than 11-fold according to projections. European countries are also expected to significantly boost solar photovoltaic […]

28 Nov 2011

(Published 25 November 2011 – Ghanaweb.com) – Ghana has targeted to increase electricity generation from the current capacity of 2,000 MW by 150 percent in 2015. This is to bridge the shortfall in the sector, crucial to the growing Ghanaian economy which is expected to hit 13.6 percent Gross Domestic Product this year. “We must […]

25 Nov 2011

(Published 24 November 2011 – Eurelectric) – The EU may need to double its primary biomass supply by 2020 if member states are to meet their renewable energy targets, according to Eurelectric, the trade association for Europe’s electricity industry. This will require substantial imports and harmonised criteria on what constitutes sustainable biomass, the association says. […]

25 Nov 2011

(Published November 25, International Freighting Weekly) The port of Amsterdam is gearing-up for a boom in biomass traffic as a result of an increasing focus on renewable energy and new Dutch government proposals. Currently, Dutch ports handle 1.5 million tonnes of biomass a year, but as a result of the growing requirement in North European […]

22 Nov 2011

(Published 21 November 2011 – renewableenergymagazine.com) – Energy Exchange APX-ENDEX successfully launched the world’s first exchange for biomass renewable energy last week, coinciding with the official opening of APX-ENDEX’s new headquarter in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). APX-ENDEX has published a reference price index for certified industrial wood pellets since 2008, providing the market a valuable tool […]

17 Nov 2011

(Published 17 November 2011 – Bloombery New Energy Finance) Global annual spend on renewable energy is set to double by 2020, but sovereign debt problems in Europe will see it lose market share, according to new research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.   The provider of independent analysis on clean energy released its Global Renewable Energy Market Outlook today, […]