19 Apr 2011

Wood Resources International LLC — Asia’s increasing demand for wood drives saw log prices up in the US and Canada, reports the North American Wood Fiber Review Sawlog prices in Western US were up about 20 percent in 2010 as an result of increased competition for logs from log buyers in China, South Korea and Japan, […]

11 Apr 2011

The EU should allow CERs from all African projects registered after 2012 to be eligible for its cap-and-trade scheme, investors said on Wednesday. The Carbon Markets and Investors Association (CMIA) called on the EU to expand on its current position to only allow certified emission reductions (CERs) from projects hosted in least developed countries (LDCs) […]

05 Apr 2011

A news brief from Wood Resources International LLC – Japanese importation of logs, lumber and plywood in 2011 is likely to be the highest it has been since 2008 because of post-earthquake and tsunami re-building, reports the WRQ. Japan is in urgent need of pre-fabricated houses and manufactured wood products in the aftermath of the […]