30 Aug 2011

(Just4theplanet.com, printed 30th August 2011) Campaign backed by British Sugar, Drax and E.ON calls for swift, stable support for biomass energy Just4theplanet has been a keen supporter of bio fuel initiatives as an alternative to fossil fuels. Biofuels are any kind of fuel made from living things, or from the waste they produce. Today, the […]

17 Aug 2011

BEDFORD, MA, Aug. 16, 2011 (RISI) – Hard on the heels of the recently released North American Bioenergy Review, the RISI bioenergy team has just released the European Biomass Review. Co-authored by Glen O’Kelly, Consultant, Bioenergy Services, and Anne Rahikainen, Director, Bioenergy Service, RISI, the study provides forecasts for biomass demand for 2015 and 2020 and scenarios on […]

17 Aug 2011

(Reuters – Published 10th August 2011) – Britain on Wednesday approved two new 299 megawatt (MW) biomass plants proposed by power producer Drax , but the generator said its investment decision depended on whether soon-to-be-announced state biomass subsidies are high enough. “I am very pleased to give the go-ahead for these two new biomass power stations […]

12 Aug 2011

Clean Technica (Published 11th August 2011) – The use of biomass for producing energy is attracting increasing interest from a number of European countries in lieu of recent EU targets for carbon reduction. Having biomass available in large quantities is now an important concern, however. According to a recent report in Renewable Energy World, it is […]