27 Oct 2011

MANCHESTER, Oct 26 (Reuters) – The UK secretary for energy and climate change pledged Britain will become Europe’s fastest growing renewable energy producer, reassuring green energy investors spooked by a series of unexpected cuts to government subsidies. ‘We will be the fastest growing country in the EU when it comes to renewable deployment,’ said Chris […]

26 Oct 2011

London, 26 October 2011:Africa Renewables Ltd (“AfriRen”), the biomass producer and trader, has signed an exclusive five year supply agreement with Verdo for the woodchip production of their Ghana project. AfriRen estimates the total biomass to be delivered over the contract period will be 750,000 metric tonnes, effectively doubling biomass exports from Africa to Europe. […]

25 Oct 2011

(Published October 25 2011 – biomassmagazine.com) The newly-formed Green Energy Farms Alliance will focus on the creation of a diverse solid biofuel portfolio, through the production of woody and miscanthus pellets for European markets. Miscanthus developer New Energy Farms and renewable energy project developer Global Green Engineered Fuels LLC have teamed up to form the […]

21 Oct 2011

(Published 21 October 2011 – BBC.co.uk) – The Earth’s surface really is getting warmer, a new analysis by a US scientific group set up in the wake of the “Climategate” affair has concluded. The Berkeley Earth Project has used new methods and some new data, but finds the same warming trend seen by groups such as the […]

20 Oct 2011

(By Lisa Gibson, Published 20 October 2011, biomassmagazine.com) – The U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change released its proposal for Renewables Obligation banding levels from 2013 to 2017 on Oct. 20, leaving a few biomass technologies at current levels, but proposing to add more, such as enhanced cofiring and biomass conversion. Before the proposal, […]

19 Oct 2011

Published woodprices.com) – The Global Sawlog Price Index reached a 16-­year high in the 2Q/11; the biggest price increases occurred in Europe, Canada, Russia and New Zealand, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Increased consumption of softwood lumber throughout the world has moved sawlog prices to new highs in 2011. The Global Conifer Sawlog Price Index […]

18 Oct 2011

(Published 18 October 2011 – Sustainabilitymatters.com.au) The national and NSW forest, wood and paper products industry bodies, the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) and NSW Forest Products Association (FPA), have announced that they are hopeful common sense will prevail over the use of native forest woody biomass for green energy and its eligibility for renewable […]

17 Oct 2011

(Published 17th October 2011 – Source Renewables International) In countries like the Netherlands, the cofiring of wood pellets in coal plants is already commonplace, but the practice has yet to become standard in Germany. Now, a new study shows the potential – could Germany soon become a major buyer for international suppliers? Germany’s Energy Agency […]