17 Jul 2012

(Published 17th July 2012 – power-technology.com) – GDF Suez is currently constructing the largest biomass power plant in the world, which will be solely fuelled 80% by wood chips and 20% by agricultural waste. The PLN 1bn ($290m) Polaniec biomass power plant is being constructed at the site of the existing 1,800MW Polaniec power station […]

25 Jun 2012

(Published June 24th 2012 – http://www.travelblog.org/Africa/Liberia/Kakata/blog-725765.html – by Karen Buzzy) Aloha! Hope all is well! I’ll be using these private travel blogs to track my Summer in Liberia experience, even though I am not really “traveling.” So, arriving in Liberia was a bit of a challenge: After my first flight was delayed due to Visa […]

30 May 2012

LONDON, May 25 (Reuters) – Britain is placing Europe’s biggest bet on biomass as an alternative to polluting oil and coal and expensive gas, but reliance on imports could challenge the plan’s low-carbon credentials and Britain’s energy security. Burning wood, sunflower husks or animal faeces offers steady so-called “baseload” power, giving biomass an advantage over […]

14 May 2012

(Published May 11th 2012 – ADDIS ABABA – Reuters) – Ivory Coast agro-industry group Sifca is looking to set up rubber and palm oil plantations in central Africa to boost output and is also eyeingrice production at home, the company’s chairman said on Friday Sifca, one of the biggest companies in the West African country, is part-owned by Singapore’s Olam International and […]

25 Apr 2012

(Perpignan, 24 April – Argus Biomass Markets) — The decision by the Spanish government to suspend feed-in tariffs (fits) for all new renewable energy projects is showing signs of hitting investors. Spanish energy company Gestamp’s series of proposed biomass power plants had been rubber-stamped at European level, but the tariff moratorium by Spanish lawmakers could […]

23 Apr 2012

Published 19th April 2012) – Ecosur Afrique is pleased to announce the signing of a forward sale of 1,600,000 Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) between Biokala, an affiliate of SIFCA, the leading agro-industrial group in West Africa, and Mercuria, one of the world’s five largest independent energy traders. The agreement signed is the largest carbon credits […]

04 Apr 2012

(Published 3rd January 2011 – GNA) – Barring any hitches, the 360-million dollar second phase Sunon Asogli Power Plant Project would come on stream this year, Managing Director of Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Limited , Mr Zhang Haicheng, has said. Speaking to journalists on tour of the plant, Mr Zhang said preliminary feasibility studies were […]

22 Mar 2012

London, 20th March 2012: Takoradi Renewable Energy Limited (TREL), a  subsidiary of Africa Renewables Ltd (“AfriRen”), the biomass producer  and trader, has delivered its first cargo of woodchips from its project site in Ghana to Verdo Energy in Denmark. AfriRen loaded 13,609 Metric Tons (MT) of woodchips at an average moisture content of 23.4% on to the […]

15 Mar 2012

(REUTERS International Herald Tribune – 15th March 2012) — LONDON — Global greenhouse gas emissions could rise 50 percent by 2050 without more ambitious climate policies, as fossil fuels continue to dominate the energy mix, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said Thursday. “Unless the global energy mix changes, fossil fuels will supply about […]

12 Mar 2012

(By Ewa Krukowska -March 9th 2012 – Bloomberg) — Poland blocked a planned European Union declaration on climate policy for the second time in nine months, highlighting the difficulty that the EU faces in deepening emission reductions and bolstering carbon-dioxide prices. The Polish government, flexing its weight at a meeting of European environment ministers today in […]