08 Oct 2015

From the wind turbines that dot the plains of northern Germany to the solar panels speckling the roofs of Bavarian farmers, the shift to renewable energy has transformed the German landscape. It has reverberated through the economy too, squeezing the profits of traditional utilities andprompting complaints from industry over high electricity prices. In June, the utility […]

06 Oct 2015

Drivers parking on the roof of Nairobi’s newly opened Garden City mall may notice that their vehicles are shaded by unusual structures: 3,364 solar panels. These will generate 1,450MWh of electricity a year, or 40 per cent of the mall’s daily power needs. Solar power is nothing new in Kenya or Africa. But while it still accounts […]

05 Oct 2015

Putin makes his crafty strategies about Syria in public at the United Nations. Back in Russia, he is shrewdly pursuing many of the economic modernization policies initiated by his predecessor, Russia’s third president Dmitry Medvedev (2008-2012). For example, Putin is continuing Russia’s move into renewable energy that began several years earlier as part of Medvedev’s […]

05 Oct 2015

The residue left behind after processing timber can be used to generate electricity. (Image source: DavidWright/Flickr) The plant is expected to deliver 25MW of power and feed it to the national grid. The power would be generated from biomass waste that’s generated after processing timber. CEO Pieter van Zyl said, “We will be using a […]