Ivory Coast

The project:

CIREL is a fully owned subsidiary of the Africa Renewables Group, established under Ivorian law. It’s mission is to exploit the potential due to the excellent road infrastructure and the logistical opportunities provided by the Abidjan and San Pedro Ports. The rubber tree plantations offers a solid biomass inventory which may be converted into energy via power plants or transformed into woodchips for the export market. CIREL has thus far produced over 40,000 MT of rubber woodchipsin 2013 which have been resold to a local palm oil refinery which has a biomass boiler producing steam.

Sustainable development:

The project offers various benefits for the local community, such as a standardised and rationalised access to the biomass for charcoal. The project will also generate direct jobs and an extra source of income for the local community.

Biomass quality specifications:

The woodchips produced by the CIREL project are compliant with EU-EN standards as tested by SGS. The results of a test carried out in 2010 are as follows.

Alépé/Bongo, in the north-east of the southern Region des Lagunes. It is located 45km north-east of Abidjan.